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* First Volleyball rules published by William G. Morgan. 1917 * Game changes from 21 points to 15 points per set. 1918 * Number of players per team set at six. 1920 * The ball can be played with any other part of the body above the waist. Three hits per side rule also adopted. 1922

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The rules of volleyball have changed many times since William Morgan first developed the game in 1895 with an original purpose of providing some form of recreation and relaxation for businessmen at the Holyoke, MA Y.M.C.A. The first rules, written by Mr. Morgan in long hand, contained the following basic features: The net was 6 feet, 6 inches high.

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Volleyball has many many different rules and regulations. The rules and regulations of volleyball have evolved a lot throughout the years. The rules of volleyball are not difficult to understand, and depending on the level of competition, they can differ.

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Volleyball Rules - Scoring Changes Volleyball scoring basics. Scoring according to international volleyball rules: each game is played until 25 points, except the fifth game which is played until 15 points. A team wins a match when it wins three games inside the match - the final score can be 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2.

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Volleyball Rules Changes - 2021-22. 4-1-6a, b (NEW): Allows players to wear head coverings for religious reasons that fit securely and are made of non-abrasive or soft materials while still requiring head coverings worn for medical reasons to be approved by the state association.

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Change in scoring occured in 1999 (sets to 15 too) Serving from the full 9m- 1996 Let serve in play- 2001 Court changes-lots of court size changes-1976 was the last time they changed I believe (when they were changed from imperial to metric) Libero introduced-1999 Net height was big changes throughout history started at 6'6"then 7'6" (1900) then 8'0" (1916) 2.43m (1976)

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Scoring was not always this simple. Since the turn of the century, there has only been one major change to the rules of volleyball scoring. When FIVB was founded, the rules stated that in order to score points, players would perform what is known as “Side-Out Scoring”. Side-out scoring consists of points only earned for the serving team.

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One of the big milestones on the rules timeline is the introduction of a specifically for volleyball designed ball in 1900. In 1912 the amount of players in a team was set at six, which is the same as today. Also the rotation before serve was introduced. 1915 the number of players in a team varies between 2 to 6.