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Ball Served. For the bet to stand, only one serve is required in the match. That means that if a ...

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The four likeliest possibilities include: First ball — All moneyline bets are action after the first ball is played. Therefore, if you bet on a player who retired... One set — Some books like BetMGM require at least one set to be completed before moneyline wagers become action. Two sets — The same ...

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Tennis Rules Betting Type 2a – Bets are only valid if the full match is completed. In this case, bets are only valid if the entire event is completed fully. If a player retires early, all bets are voided. There are no exchanges in this category, so you should not have bets with other bookies in this category.

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When betting on Tennis you need to be extremely careful. Occasionally a player will "retire", meaning they forfeit the match and the other player wins. This could be for many reasons with the main one being injury. Smashing balls across the court for an hour can take it's toll, and sometimes a player carrying an injury may not want to continue, so they will just forfeit the match to the other player.

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The same is true for winning bets, however. If you bet on the other player—your bet will be a success. Other tennis betting rules include: One Set: At least 1 set needs to be completed (this one is becoming the standard in my opinion). Two Sets: At least 2 sets need to be completed. Match: The full match must be completed.

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These general rules apply to Games in Individual Sets, Games in Match, Player Games, and Handicap Betting (based on games won). In the event of forfeited points/games, these will count for final settlement. For the purposes of all such bets a tie-break or match tie-break is counted as one game.

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More than this you can get a very good advantage over the bookies by playing close attention to the tennis retirement rules. The winning margins on tennis betting are extremely tight as 2 team/player contests are generally easy for bookmakers to price up and paying attention to retirement rules can make all the difference to your bottom line.