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Unlike other sports, tennis matches don’t end when a certain time limit is reached. Grand slam ...

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Winning this tiebreaker makes the game score of the set 7-6, and the player wins the set at seven games. However, long tiebreaks can still occur past 12 points if neither player can get a win by two points. 10-point tiebreaker. Also called the super tiebreaker, this type is played first to 10, with a win by two points.


or participating in, a Grand Slam Tournament, as against the Grand Slam Board and the organisers and sponsors of the tournaments. G. AMENDMENTS These Grand Slam Rules, Grand Slam Tournament Regulations and Grand Slam Code of Conduct may only be amended, repealed or otherwise modified, in whole or in part, by the Grand Slam Board.

Explaining the rules of a tie-break in tennis

In a tie-break, each player gets one additional challenge. In one set, each player gets 3 challenges. If the score reaches a tie-break, then an extra challenge is given to both the players.

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From this point onwards, each player serves two points each until the end of the tiebreaker. Players must switch sides of the court when the total points served is 6, or a multiple of 6. The tiebreaker concludes when one player secures 7 points, and holds a two-point lead over their opponent.

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If the score reaches 6–5 (or 5–6), one further game is played. If the leading player wins this game, the set is won 7–5 (or 5–7). If the trailing player wins the game, the score is tied at 6–6 and a special tiebreaker game is played. The winner of the tiebreak wins the set by a score of 7–6 (or 6–7).

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The tiebreaker was introduced to Grand Slam tennis the following year at the 1970 United States Open, with red flags being flown courtside whenever a set reached 6-6.

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Answered 8 years ago · Author has 81 answers and 351.1K answer views. You are right on both counts. The Grand Slams have the option to tweak the rules and opt for either a tie-break in the final set (gender notwithstanding) or go with the age-old style of deciding the set on the number of games ( higher number of games with a difference of 2). And mind you the final set is the 5th for the men's singles and the 3rd for the women's singles.