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There are three basic signals for the return direction: crosscourt, down the line, and to the middle. Because most good doubles players are looking to pick off the middle ball, the middle return is most uncommonly called. Similar to the serve signaling, the direction in which the fingers point correspond to the direction of the intended return spot.

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Live. •. Good communication can make or break a doubles team…. It’s easy when you’ve played with someone forever, but what happens when you’re paired with a new partner? Here are some simple hand signals to keep everyone on the same page. Take your doubles game to the next level with this FREE coaching – Click Here!

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Why doing signals is important in Doubles? Communication is very important in doubles. When you serve, the next ball returned to your partner. So your partner should need to know the type of serve (is it a long serve, topspin serve, a backspin serve, etc) to prepare the shot.

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In tennis, one of the key aspects of a successful doubles partnership is communication. On court, we use hand signals to agree on doubles tactics and strateg...

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Do you know the specific hand signals for doubles in table tennis? It might not be the same for everyone. Is there a convention, a universal signal used by t...

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Drop shots, drop volleys and lobs are important in doubles and too often they aren't practiced enough. Each of these shots can be used either offensively or defensively. Our normal expectation in doubles is to brace for up-close, powerful shots hit at us that require fast reflexes; however, sliding underneath a lob or dropping one short at the opponents feet will be invaluable tools for you to use in your arsenal.