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On 16 January 1926 at a meeting held in Berlin between representatives of the Table Tennis Associations of Austria, England, Germany and Hungary, a provisional "International Table Tennis Federation" (ITTF) was formed.

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A Brief History of Table Tennis (Ping-Pong)

The history of table tennis (or ping-pong as it is also commonly known) is a long and interesting sequence of events, which would require a book to do it justice. This article provides a brief overview of the origins of the game, as well as what are generally acknowledged as many of the important highlights of the game's development.

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Like many other sports, Table Tennis began as a mild social diversion. It was probably played with improvised equipment in England, during the last quarter of the 19th century. Though Table Tennis evolved, along with Badminton and Lawn Tennis, from the ancient game of Tennis (also known as Jeu de Paume, Real tennis, Court Tennis […]

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Table Tennins Origins : A comprehensive collection of history has confirmed that the sport was invented by an English firm, J. Jaques and Sons, towards the close of the century in 1800. However, it was later trademarked as “Ping pong” in the United Stated by the Parker Brothers.

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History. The game was invented in England in the early days of the 20th century and was originally called Ping-Pong, a trade name. The name table tennis was adopted in 1921–22 when the old Ping-Pong Association formed in 1902 was revived. The original association had broken up about 1905, though apparently the game continued to be played in parts of England outside London and by the 1920s was being played in many countries.

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table tennis origin - who invented table tennis? Like other sports that we know of, table tennis started as a parlor game. It was free to anyone who could lay hands on a table, bats, and ball.

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All About Table Tennis. Like most other sports, table tennis had humble beginnings as a “parlor game,” open to anyone with access to a table, paddle, and ball. The game began in the 1880s, when lawn tennis players adapted their game to play indoors during the winter. Ping-Pong is a trademark name for table tennis and associated equipment.

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Table tennis was growing in popularity by 1901 to the extent that tournaments were being organized, books being written on the subject, and an unofficial world championship was held in 1902. In those early days, the scoring system was the same as in lawn tennis.