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You are simply betting on a team to win the match, which can be risky if you commit hugely to a favourite that ends up fielding a below-par side (due to fatigue or importance of competition to them) and then gets beat by huge underdogs. Of course, as any volleyball betting guide will tell you, there’s a flip side.

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When learning how to bet on volleyball, a concept worth considering is the Pareto Principle. This suggests sports which are less popular enable greater accuracy from bettors without as much effort. In other words, specialising in volleyball betting may be more effective than a mainstream sport.

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1. Strategy for betting on volleyball for total. During the game, when the score is 23:23, bet on the total of less than 48.5 points in the set. The coefficient will be around 2.40. If the score becomes 24:24, bet on the total of less than 50.5 points in the set. Continue betting until the first run.

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The most classic way of betting is to predict who will be the winner, and who will be the loser of the game. Since one of the teams might be a bigger favourite, they will have lower odds. Let’s say team A is the favourite and has odds of 1.5.

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You’ll get the best odds on a side to win by three sets (i.e. 3-0 or 4-1), although you can also bet on a team to win by two sets (i.e. 3-1). Again, this is an excellent way to attain some more value from your bet than you would typically achieve in a simple match result bet – although many people again choose to add their selections into multiples.

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For the best volleyball betting odds, it is usually best to compare the prices offered by all of the leading bookies and to use the operator that has the best odds. In terms of the popularity of volleyball tournaments and their subsequent betting odds. Here is a list of the leading options: League/Tournament. Nation.

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In the example above the favorite to win is team A. For every 2 units placed you will win 1 unit in return. If you bet 1 unit on Team B to win, and they do, you will receive a payout of 10 to 1 which means 10 units profit. It’s always risky to back the underdog but as you can see, it can pay off in a big way.

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The money line in Volleyball is betting on one team to win the match. As I already said, there is no tie so this is also called a 2-way betting because there are only 2 possible outcomes for a match to finish. Handicap betting is also quite popular in the volleyball world. You can bet on a team to win a set with a handicap of points or to win a match with a handicap of sets.