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Handball - Equipment. Ball. Ball used in handball is similar to the volley ball or the balls that are used in football, but nowadays a special type of ball has been made ... Goal Centre. Gloves. Shoes. There is no definite specification of shoes that a handball player should use. There are various ...

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Handball Equipment List Handball Equipment. Handball equipment can be very similar to those used in other indoor court sports, such as... Game Equipment. In handball, there is some basic equipment you'll need in order to play the game. Each piece of... Clothing. Handball clothing is worn ...

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American Handball Equipment 1. Gloves. Gloves are important in handball as they help to protect your hands when catching a fast flying handball. 2. Protective Eye wear. As a safety feature, it is important to have protective eye wear when playing handball. Because... 3. Handballs. What's a game of ...

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The most concise handball equipment list starts with apparel worn by the players. That means items such as clothing, shoes, and gloves. This checklist also includes some equipment specifications used while officiating the game. Check out the gear and apparatus used for indoor and outdoor throw ball court games.

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Equipment Needed to Play Handball If you're new to handball, you may be wondering what equipment you need to play the game. Luckily, handball doesn't require much gear at all.

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The other variations of the game, such as Mini Handball, Beach Handball or Wheelchair Handball, are all based on the same fundamental rules of the game, although both facilities and rules can be adapted. Players Handball is a team sport for two squads of 7 players (six field players and a goalkeeper). Equipment needed

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There is also a dashed semi-circle line which lies 9 metres from goal, which is the free throw line. The ball must be made from leather or synthetic material and it must be of a size to fit in the hand of a player. This means that there are three regulation sizes of handball.

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Handball Basic Rules of Equipment. A semi-circle area, marked off outside each goal area, is often called the crease - or zone. A semi-circle with dashed markings is the free throw line (9 meters from goal). The ball must be a size which fits inside players' hands. Handball balls are usually made from leather or synthetic material.